Self Service for Mac OS

What is Self Service?

The Self Service application is a comprehensive management system for Apple macOS computers. It is like the Apple App Store, but it provides customized content for MacOS devices owned by Langley School District. This content includes access to software, printers, maintenance tasks, links, and other documentation. The Self Service app gives users the flexibility of choosing what to install and when to install it.

  • Who May Use This Service?

    The Self-Service app is only available to MacOS devices that are enrolled in JamfPro management system.

  • Where is the Self-Service app located?

    The Self is located in the Applications folder and on the user’s Dock.

  • Categories and Locations

    FeaturedStudent UtilitiesTools & FixesSettings
    ApplicationsXXX-PrintersSoftware UpdatesAdmin Utilities

    These categories are “location/subnet” aware. For example, the ACS-Printers category only appears if the device’s IP is in the ACS subnet.

    Some categories such as Settings and Admin Utilities are not available to the users.


    Student Utilities contains tasks such as mount my network home, mount Yearbook Share and so on…

    Tools & Fixes this category contains printer drivers, tools, software fixes and customized automated scripts that fix certain issues.

    XXX-Printers contains smb shared printers based on subnet location

  • How to Enroll

    If you have a new district Macbook please follow the instructions here to enroll your device and gain access to the self service portal.