iOS Apps

iOS Apps are managed through the Self Service app.

How to install an app through self service

How to request an app be approved for self service

List of Currently Approved Apps

App Approval Process

  1. Check to see if the App is available through the “Self Service” icon to download (on all student devices).
  2. If it is available to download, go ahead and tap on the app icon to download (says Install beside it).
  3. If it says “Request” beside the App in the “Self Service icon,” the teacher will need to consult with their school principal about submitting a request for the app as there may be a cost to the school as a school account code will be needed. Only administrators can request an App.
  4. If approved by the principal (including having the budget for it), the principal can select “Request” beside the App.

District Vetting Process:

If the App is not currently part of the catalog:

    1. Check for FOIPPA compliance by Director of I.T.
    2. If App is not FOIPPA compliant – I.T. communicates to the principal.
    3. If the App is FOIPPA compliant, then it is sent to Instructional Services (I.S.) staff to vet for alignment with District educational goals.
    4. I.S. staff will vet Apps 4 times per year (End of September, end of November, end of February, end of April).
    5. If there is already a current approved App that meets the outcomes of the requested App, this will be communicated to the school principal to communicate to staff.
    6. If the requested App is approved, I.S. will communicate to I.T.  and the school principal.
    7.  I.T. will ensure they have an account code from school and put costs through if applicable.
    8. I.T. will make the App available and communicate through a Help Desk ticket.
    9. Requesting staff member will need to download app from Self Service.