iOS Apps

How to Install Apps

iOS Apps which have been approved for use in the district can be installed through the Self Service portal, which is available on all managed district iPads.

How to install an app through self service


How to install apps not listed in the Self Service portal

If you do not see the app in the Self Service portal:

  1. Check if the app is on the list of district approved apps here: List of Currently Approved Apps
  2. If the app is approved submit a helpdesk ticket under the request type iPad Apps. Please provide the serial numbers of the iPads you would like the app installed on. Apps that have a cost will need to be approved by your principal.
  3. If the app is not on the list you will need to request it through your principal or manager. Principals/managers can request approval for an app using this form: Submit an App for Approval


What happens after I submitted an app for approval

Apps must be approved for use in the district by Instructional Services and IT. The District Instructional Services team meets four days per school year to vet App requests. Meetings to vet Apps happen in October, November, February and April.

Once an app has been approved or denied the requester will be notified. If an app is approved it will be added to the approved apps list and the Self Service. Users can then request the app via helpdesk ticket.

Requests for app approval can only be submitted by principals or managers.